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Skutt KS-1027-3 Manual Electric Kiln

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Skutt KS-1027-3 Manual Electric Kiln:

Reliable manual kilns

The Dawson KilnSitter has proven itself as a reliable way of controlling kilns for more than 50 years. The temperature and heating rate of KilnSitter (KS) Kilns are controlled by switches which you turn up in intervals which are determined by how fast or slow you wish to fire the kiln. The KilnSitter pyrometric cones to measure the heatwork inside the kiln. When the the pyrometric cone begins to melt the KilnSitter automatically shuts off the kiln.

A unique feature of the KilnSitter line of Skutt kilns is that most models can be expanded by inserting a 4.5" brick ring between the sections. This ring can be added or removed between firings as space requirements vary. An optional safety timer is also available to help prevent accidental overfires.

Technical Details

Chamber: 22.38" opening, 27" deep, 6.4 cu. ft.

1 Phase, 240V: 48.0 Amps, 11520 Watts, Cone 10 2350 degrees.

1 Phase, 208V: 48.0 Amps,   9980 Watts, Cone 10 2350 degrees.
3 Phase, 240V: 29.3 Amps, 11520 Watts, Cone 10 2350 degrees.
3 Phase, 208V: 31.7 Amps, 11000 Watts, Cone 10 2350 degrees.

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